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In line with our commitments to support our local, and national, communities, the RSPSU is excited to announce our fundraising initiative for this semester. Until the start of May 2021, we will be raising money for The Art for Aid Project, an Indigenous led organization – founded by Métis artist Colleen Gray – that works to provide arts-based education opportunities to remote Indigenous schools and community programs across Canada. The work that Art for Aid has done is truly spectacular, and we are ready to mobilize the School and the community in order to help fund a currently running project that connects directly with the things we learn at Performance.

Ms. Gray and The Art for Aid Project are currently working towards sending sewing machines for children in elementary schools in Natuashish and Nain, Labrador for the fall 2021 semester. Shipping costs and the gathering of relevant supplies is expensive for remote communities, and the money raised towards the Sew & Sew initiative will go directly to getting Indigenous children the opportunity to learn an important and fulfilling artistic skill. We are setting an initial goal of $2000 to raise by the 1st of May, 2021 – though we hope to go beyond this. The Union will be donating 100% of our profits from our upcoming merch sales, as well as the money that comes in for our fundraising events.

One of the first skills Production students learn upon coming to the school is how to sew and create costuming for our Dancers and Actors to shine in. The RSPSU believes very strongly in equal opportunity for all to access an arts-based education, regardless of any social, political, or economic barrier placed in the way. Many of us in the School come from arts programs in public schools, and we are all better from it. Therefore, the transformative change that could occur in Indigenous communities by providing art supplies and tools for children is very real, and very possible. We look forward to pooling our resources and money together to support The Art for Aid Project this semester.

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The Art For Aid Project works to support Canadian First Nations, Inuit and Metis art education programs through access to quality art supplies, awareness and fundraising efforts. We work to to connect Indigenous youth to art and knowledge of their culture. We seek to accomplish this by ensuring art supplies are in remote schools and communities.

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i’m so excited that we are raising funds for… Read more

i’m so excited that we are raising funds for this organization!!

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