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You MUST report all tests and their results before picking up more tests. Report your results here.

The Performance Student Union is offering free take-home rapid test kits to the students, faculty, staff, and guest artists of Performance. In the Winter 2022 semester, community members will be able to pick-up and self-test at their convenience and keep our school safe as we return to fully in-person education.

Rapid Antigen Testing is an additional screening method that can help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community and other high-risk settings. They can be performed anywhere and take approximately 15 minutes. It does not replace the molecular polymerase chain reaction (PCR) diagnostic test which is performed at COVID-19 testing centres.

To participate in the Performance SU Rapid Testing Program, you must be a Performance:

  • Student
  • Faculty Member
  • Staff Member
  • Guest Artist

There is no charge to participate in the program and all test and materials will be provided to you with appropriate instructions. When picking up your kit, you will be provided training on administering test and other materials related to the program.

For more information, contact us or email

Participating in the Program

1. Receiving Test Kits

Register for the Rapid Testing Program

Once registered, test kits can be picked up by emailing

To pick up test kits, you must sign and submit the RTP Agreement during registration. Test kits will not be distributed unless the form has been submitted.


Download RTP Agreement

2. Taking a Test

Follow the detailed on the sheet provided with your kit or at the bottom of this page. The links below contain detailed instructions specifically for the type of rapid test provided to you:

Abbott Panbio: Testing Instructions

BNTX: Testing Instructions


Download Self-Testing Guide (Ontario Health)

3. Reporting Results

Participants in the Rapid Testing Program must submit their test result to the form below upon completion of your test.

You must report all tests before picking up more tests from the Rapid Testing Program.

Follow the Provincial Antigen Point-of-Care Testing Guidance if you need more information on what to do for your test result.

How to Take a Test

Step 1: Setup

  • Clean your testing area and sanitize your hands.
  • Hold the buffer bottle vertically and fill the extraction tube with buffer fluid until it flows up to the Fill-line of the extraction tube (300ul). Make sure there is the correct amount of fluid to ensure correct testing.
  • Place the extraction tube in an upright position (e.g. a cup).

Step 2: Collection

  • Tilt your head back 70 degrees.
  • While gently rotating the swab, insert the swab approximately 2 cm into one nostril (until you meet with resistance at the turbinates).
  • Rotate the swab 5 times against the nasal wall. Using the same swab, repeat the collection on the other nostril.

Step 3: Processing

  • Insert the swab specimen in the extraction tube. Swirl the swab tip in the buffer fluid inside the tube, pushing into the wall of the tube at least 5 times and then squeeze out the swab by squeezing the tube with your fingers.
  • Break the swab at the endpoint and close the cap of the extraction tube.

Step 4: Testing

  • Open the dropping nozzle cap at the bottom of the extraction tube.
  • Dispense 5 drops of extracted specimen vertically into the specimen well on the test kit. Do not move or handle the device until the test is complete and ready to read. Note: if there are bubbles, in the tube, shake the tube gently to release any blockage until you observe free drop formation.
  • Start a timer. Read the results at 15 minutes. Do not read results after 20 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to participate?

No. Tests and kits are free of charge.

Do I have to submit results after every test?

Yes, all tests taken must be submitted even no matter the result.

What happens to the data?

The Performance Student Union will collect your test results and report them anonymously to the Ministry of Health as per the regulations of Ontario’s rapid testing program.

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