Performance Mentorship Program 2021

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Hey there! It’s so great seeing you come by, we hope your summer is goin’ well. Look at where you are! You’re about to jump into a brand new year, meet new friends, make new theatre, and experience brand new things.

Now, we wouldn’t want to throw you into everything without a helping hand – so in come your buddies. The buddy program at Performance is our way of connecting you to the school, its programs, student life, and culture in a holistic and wholesome way. First years are paired with a third or fourth year student in their program, and the upper year holds the responsibility to help the new student integrate into Performance, in any way that they need to.

To pair you up, please fill out this form here if you are a mentee and this form here if you are a mentor no later than August 27th. Any forms submitted afterward can’t be guaranteed a buddy. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please reach out to us on any platform that works for you. Talk soon!

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