X University Must Take Action Towards Reconciliation

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With the news of the unmarked mass grave of 215 Indigenous children uncovered in Kamloops, and in regards to the official response from X University to the catastrophe, the Performance Student Union demands, and looks to fulfil, the end of actions that harm Indigenous peoples in our community, and beyond, that continues to be done by university’s inability to act quickly, decisively, and effectively, and that put the lives and well being of Indigenous people second to the colonial and capital interests of the administration and institution of X University.

We fully support the removal of the statue, by any means necessary, and continue to advocate for the protests that will no doubt carry on, and we hope for the safety and well-being of those protesting against colonial rule and oppression. We urge X University and Performance to take a stand with Indigenous peoples, not only through words – but through concrete and identifiable actions. The faculty and administrators of the University should be held to a higher standard.

Land acknowledgments in theatre, and otherwise, aren’t enough. An institution named after an architect of genocide cannot absolve itself from its violent history by only acknowledging the stolen land it operates on. X University cannot, and should not, oppose any action towards reconciliation with our Indigenous community.

The Performance Student Union will be choosing an Indigenous-based charity organization to support throughout the 2021-2022 school year. More information will be released to the school when available.

Please see below for some resources and follow @wreckonciliation_x_university on Instagram to keep up to date with the situation.

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