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S.E.A: Student Equity Association

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Calling all BIPOC students: we’re excited to present a new community space exclusively for you! A space for BIPOC students in the School of Performance is years overdue, and we at the RSPSU consider it imperative that you’re given a voice and an opportunity to talk to one another – regardless of discipline or year. The Student Equity Association (S.E.A) will be your forum to talk about anything and everything unique to your experiences as artists. The S.E.A will be an informal server on Discord moderated by Execs on the Union (all of whom will be students of colour) – but will be an environment where all are heard equally. The S.E.A will actively work to not only provide you with a community space, but also help connect you with working BIPOC professionals, artists, and educators – as well as bring you resources that will help you grow as you go through your training at the School of Performance. This is a place for you to share with one another, and subsequently branch off to your own groups and projects away from the S.E.A – if you wish to do so. The S.E.A will also be a place to ask for BIPOC performers, creators, writers, directors, designers, and crew for your personal or academic projects. This isn’t a hard-line, strict place where formality is king, but we expect discretion and privacy in conversations within and outside of the Discord server. Your words are your words – no one else can claim ownership of them and use them in a setting outside of where you’ve said them without your permission. The RSPSU will have a zero tolerance policy for our community agreements in the S.E.A. This is a space specifically for BIPOC students. However, non BIPOC individuals looking to hire and ask for the help of BIPOC artists and creators can contact an Exec member to place them in a separate channel. We’re all in our own boats, but we all belong to the same S.E.A. Sign-up below and stay tuned for updates!